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Puppy Information

Puppies go home at eight weeks and are $3,500

Go Home Goodies

  • Snuggle Puppy with a heartbeat and warmer

  • Custom Berrybrook tote bag

  • Chew safe teething toys like a Kong, Bully Sticks and a Yak

  • Custom Berrybrook coffee mug, bandana, potty bag, can cooler

  • Berrybrook's favorite toys, like Oprah's favorite things

  • Harness and leash

  • Ball, metal comb, and seasonal items

  • (items subject to change with availability)


  • First set of vaccines

  • Health report card

  • Microchip with a lifetime registration

  • Two year genetic health guarantee

  • Free Trupanion Insurance for thirty days 

  • ALAA Grooming card printed to show your groomer so they don't "poodle your doodle"

  • If you do a home pickup you will be taught to trim nails and the hair around the eyes and private areas

Click a photo to open the full gallery of go home goodies

Raising your Puppy

Raising your puppy really begins when we are choosing the breeding parents based on the health histories in the pedigrees along with temperament and conformation.​ While the parents are still puppies being trained we are continually assessing the temperament of the dog. If we like what we see we then DNA test for inherited diseases and begin physical exams on the eyes, hips, elbows, patellas and heart. They are then graded by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. If they pass the extensive testing they are placed into a local loving forever "guardian" home to be a pet first, and a mom or dad when they are old enough.

Once the puppies are born in our nursery we begin on ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation, daily to challenge the puppies to cause their brains to make more neurological connections while they are in rapid growth. This helps to make them more resilient as adults. We then move on to many of the Puppy Culture protocols related to manding and socializing. Puppies begin potty training at three weeks old and by five weeks most have mastered using a designated place to potty which makes them much easier to potty train in your home.

Raising puppies in a home prepares them for living in a home. We work hard to desensitize them to things that make many dogs fearful. Their nap times often have speakers blaring "fireworks sounds" and "city sounds" on our smart speakers. They have a large TV in the nursery with cartoons on and music is often playing. They are brought down for playdates with kids and go for car rides and for walks around the neighborhood in our puppy stroller where they are often greeted by neighbors invited to hold them. They are regularly groomed gently so they learn to love going to the groomer. The groomers adore Berrybrook pups!

Everything we do is to set the puppy up for success for when they go home. Puppies are hard! The foundation work we do works and makes for more resilient adult dogs. We hear it over and over, "Our Berrybrook puppy has been the easiest puppy we have ever raised!"

If you aren't up for raising an eight week old puppy, puppies are a lot of work,  please click the "TRAINING" tab above to learn more about the older puppies we send home at around four months old.

Puppy Updates
Daily puppy posts and litter information such as puppies births and videos on Instagram and Facebook

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Our Berrybrook Nursery
Click a 
photo to open the full gallery of our happy nursery

Puppies that are born

Puppies go home at eight weeks and are $3,500

Upcoming Litters


Puppies go home at eight weeks and are $3,500

Berrybrook sweet babies ready for their forever homes
Berrybrook Doodles upcoming litter flyer
Berrybrook expected puppy litter flyer

Planned Litters
Keep in mind our mamas are only fertile 1 to 2 times a year. When they start their season I will ONLY breed if I have paid reservations for an average sized litter. I will breed for the people that are waiting for a puppy in the size and colors that mama can produce. This is how we run a responsible breeding program with a zero shelter footprint. Please don't wait for an "available" puppy. Get on the reservation list to ensure I breed the parents you desire. We rarely have a puppy available once they are born and that is due to larger litter sizes or clients deferring due to go home timing not working for their schedules.

Puppy Pickup & Delivery

Located in North Carolina, just outside of Winston-Salem


We do at home puppy pickups for free

We can deliver to the Charlotte airport to meet you or deliver your puppy to your local airport far an additional fee

 Puppies are hand carried on a flight by a flight nanny in a puppy carrier and never flown in cargo


There are Berrybrook dogs all over the USA and Europe!

Daily Updates
Daily puppy posts and litter information such as puppies births and videos on Instagram and Facebook

  • Instagram and Facebook Links
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