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Berrybrook Testimonials

Millie and Murray with Mom

Where to even begin? I Know I express my gratitude for you and this program through daily Millie pictures, but in reality it’s also because words cannot do it justice. Your ability to listen, then read people, then guide them to the right dog for their situation is truly remarkable. Your passion for it all shines through above all else... I mean, why else would you deal with the poop storms of week 6/7, wheelbarrow walks at 2am, or the bossy "I want a 17Ib phantom. do you have one?" In all Seriousness, it’s so clear you put your heart and soul into ethically matching families with their heart dogs.
Thank you for giving us the pup that started our family, thank you for following along for the highs and lows, and now, thank you for giving us the next piece of our puzzle... M&M are going to be an amazing pair. Grateful for your friendstup & generosity.

-Kala, Andy, Mille (and now Murray) S.


I was extremely particular when it came to choosing a breeder for my puppy, and honestly a little nervous. A puppy is an extension to your family and I wanted to make sure he would be able to adapt as our family and lifestyle grew. I decided to work backwards and reach out to owners who had extremely well mannered, and of course beautiful, Australian labradoodles. The rave reviews I received for Berrybrook sealed the deal. 


From the beginning you can tell Abbie has a heart of gold and wants what is best for every single dog above all else. The program she has built with well tempered, healthy dogs is incredible. Any kind of resource or support you need, you have it. Abbie partners with a puppy training program that is done online and helps prepare you for each stage of raising a puppy which helped immensely. Because I was so particular about which breeder I wanted to work with I was willing to look out of state. The flight nanny team that works with Abbie are so sweet, communicative and accommodating. They did all the leg work and delivered our sweet boy to our arms at the airport! What more could you ask for?!


This was our first time raising a puppy in the city and I am absolutely amazed every single day how seamlessly Champ fits into our lifestyle. The sirens, trains, cars and all the busy city noises have never, ever bothered him. He’s the smartest boy I know and LOVES to work and learn. Champ is our heart and soul and we can’t thank Abbie, the guardian homes, and everyone within the Berrybrook community enough for the support and perfect puppy. Don’t lose my number - Champ may need a sibling in a few years! 

-Kaitlyn A.

Ask about connectingto our flight delivery experts that we trust to bring your baby home

We took this picture today on the way home from Reagan Airport.  This sign in Tyson, VA always reminds me of Greensboro NC where I met the hubby and fell in love. So its fitting this was a spot to take one of Jinnys first pics!  I want to say thank you so much for taking care of us!  You didn’t just try to make a transaction happen….from the first moment we talked I knew this lady really cares!!!! We will always be family now because through you, you have provided our new baby.  

She is so well behaved and cared for already and literally just fits right in our family.  We heart you so much for giving us a chance to love on her more!

Everyone she comes in contact with says she is so well behaved and has the best manners.

Berrybrook will always be a part of our family. Abbie truly is the best.

-Alicia B.


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IMG_0404 3.jpg

Absolutely the most ethical, caring and friendly breeder. All their dogs are not only gorgeous, but smart and SO well tempered. The dogs they use for breeding are sent to guardian homes where they get to live and be loved as pets/family members, so they’re never given up as an adult after they’re done having puppies. Love that about Berrybrook, among other things!

-Dina B.

Berrybrook Doodles testimonial

Abbie raises beautiful, smart, confident and well socialized puppies! She matched us with the perfect puppy for our household. Knowing that our puppy would be coming home to a house with 2 large dogs, she chose a dog who was confident enough to hold her own and not be intimidated. Abbie thinks of everything, right down to playing loud for works and thunderstorm sounds so they won't be scared of them later on. Puppies are raised in her home, around lots of people and daily activity. I can't recommend Berrybrook Doodles enough!

-Sara Z.

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