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Berrybrook Doodles Application

We breed for health and temperament.

We also can eventually satisfy folks desires as far as color and size, but you may have to wait.

A Berrybrook Baby is worth the wait!

January 2024 Update

The current wait for red/caramel mini puppies is 6-12 months.

If this is what you are looking for, you may not get a reply for a while until I have some girls in season so I can give you a realistic idea on how long it will be.


If you are flexible on size and color, you will hear from me sooner as the wait list is currently mostly folks asking for red/caramel minis. This changes and fluctuates as litters are born, satisfying the folks that want mediums or other colors.

These questions are to customize the call so I know what to discuss. More information about what the intention of the questions can be found below.

Puppy Requests
Color Request
How long will dog be left alone daily?

Why so many questions?

These questions help me to know how to customize our phone conversation. Keeping a puppy healthy before its had all its vaccines is more of a challenge if you live in a high rise and you don't have a private backyard. Can it be done? Yes! This information is going to help me, set you up for success! I will also use this questionnaire to help match the puppies personality, energy level and the family situation to the right home for the puppy. I do take into consideration the buyers preferences on sex, color and size but I cannot always guarantee that combination for every litter. I wish I could order them like a pizza, but genetics are a roll of the dice for each puppy. We are pretty successful in heart matching the families color and pattern along with temperament. I try to breed to my wait list knowing what the families are wanting by knowing the genes the parents carry.  I wouldn't put a shy puppy into a home with four young children and I wouldn't put a dog that loves training and is driven into the home of a retired couple that wasn't active. If the puppy that is allocated to the buyer isn't what they are looking for then I can move the person to the next litter and hopefully everyone will be happy. That is my goal, to make people and puppies happy! You can read the comments on our social media accounts and see that the process works. I also look for people that understand we spend every day with these puppies and have a strong understanding of who they are. Buyers wanting to choose their puppy by waiting for one to run up to them might just mean they smell like the chicken sandwich they had for lunch, and it isn't necessarily a love connection.

Please note: Repeat Berrybrook families may get placed back on the master list without the application fee up front

Millie the city dood
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