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At Berrybrook Doodles, we raise companion dogs. All of our dogs live in homes, well only two live in our home, and the rest of the Berrybrook Family lives in their very own guardian homes with their humans. They sleep in our beds and vacation with us and have regular dog experiences. There are no backyard kennels. We never have to rehome a dog when she retires. When the times comes for mama to have her pups she comes and stays in a house where we have a puppy nursery. The dogs all have sleepovers with me and love coming for visits because I spoil them and my two dogs are like their favorite cousins. When they retire from Berrybrook Doodles they are spayed and stay in those guardian homes and bless them with many more years of love and companionship.


If you live within an hour of Winston-Salem and would be interested in being a guardian for one of our dogs please use this email link and send us a message. I am happy to explain how responsible, purpose-bred breeding works from screening buyers to testing to produce the healthiest dogs to the best of my ability.

Our Girls

Berrybrook Boys






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