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WALA 92057 ALAA 126040

Image by Olga Thelavart

Registered: Berrybrook Mabel Jolene

Size: Mini 20 lbs.


Color: Red Faux Tuxedo

Color Genetics: Bbee

Coat: -/- Fleece

S Locus: S/sp

A Locus: aw/at

K Locus: KB/KB

IC Locus: F/F

D Locus: D/D

Color Intensity: Intermediate

Jolene is Berrybrook royalty as she is from our beloved Delilah, now retired, and Archer. She lives with two local dentists and can often be found at one of their offices giving "free hugs." She has a deep red straight coat and has the sweetest temperament. We are so proud of all of Delilah's kids as they have the cutest personalities and are so smart. She is a wonderful cross of her mom and calm dad Archer. She will be a mama for us in 2024. 

OFA Hips: Good (prelim)

OFA Elbows: Passed

OFA Patellas: Passed

OFA Heart: Passed

OFA Eye: Clear

DM-SOD1: Clear

EIC-DNM1: Clear

HNP-SUV39H2: Clear



PRA-C2orf71: Clear

RDO - COL9A3: Clear

VWF: Clear

Mabel PUPPY_edited.jpg
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