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Jameson ADULT_edited.jpg

WALA 00051898           ALAA 106599

Image by Olga Thelavart

Registered: Sunny Days Jameson

Size: Mini 23 lbs.


Color: Red Parti

Color Genetics: Bbee

Coat: +/- Wavy Fleece

S Locus: sp/sp

A Locus: aw/at

K Locus: KB/ky

IC Locus: F/F

D Locus: D/D

Color Intensity: Intermediate

Jameson is one lucky fella because he lives with Wallace's family as their second Berrybrook baby! The two boys have a family that is active and outdoorsy. Jameson is confident and playful and likes exploring in the gardens and coming when called. He is going to bring us smaller pups in the future and, hopefully, some red tuxedos. Jameson is related to our deep red, Delilah. We adore her so much, we thought we needed a boy to bring her tiny size and loving temperament to more puppies.

OFA Hips: Good (prelim)

OFA Elbows: Passed

OFA Patellas: Passed

OFA Heart: Passed

OFA Eye: Clear

DM-SOD1: Clear

EIC-DNM1: Clear

HNP-SUV39H2: Clear



PRA-C2orf71: Clear

RDO - COL9A3: Clear

VWF: Clear

Jameson PUPPY.jpeg
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