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WALA 00093059           ALAA 126593

Image by Olga Thelavart

Call Name: Berrybrook Georgia

Size: Mini 15 lbs.


Color: Chocolate Parti

Color Genetics: bbEe

Coat: -/- Wavy Fleece

S Locus: sp/sp

A Locus: at/at

K Locus: KB/ky

IC Locus: F/F

D Locus: D/d

Color Intensity: Intermediate

Georgia is an up and coming future mama for 2024. She is a deep chocolate Parti pup with a straight coat. She LOVES to play and is very smart like her grandma Harper, whom she looks like a clone of. She scored the highest rating the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals has, "EXCELLENT" and just like grandma Harper did! She has completed her training and is living in her forever guardian home with another retired Berrybrook mama, Birdie. Georgia is the daughter of our sweet Bevie and Charleston. Charleston is our cherished Harper's son and all the magic is found in her offspring. I have often said I would breed a breed called "Harper" and Georgia is the third generation for us. 

OFA Hips: Excellent (prelims)

OFA Elbows: Passed

OFA Patellas: Passed

OFA Heart: Passed

OFA Eye: Clear

DM-SOD1: Clear

EIC-DNM1: Clear

HNP-SUV39H2: Clear



PRA-C2orf71: Clear

RDO - COL9A3: Clear

VWF: Clear

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