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WALA 00069478           ALAA-106400

Image by Olga Thelavart

Registered: Berrybrook Poppy is a Poppin

Size: Medium 40 lbs.

Color: Red Faux Tuxedo

Color Genetics: Bbee

Coat: +/- Wavy Fleece

S Locus: S/sp

A Locus: at/at

K Locus: KB/KB

IC Locus: F/F

D Locus: D/d

Color Intensity: Intermediate

Poppy is our largest mama and a medium at around 42 pounds. She is a silly girl who is always amazing her family with the things she can figure out. She has never met a stranger and loves everyone. She is lives with two teenager human boys and she makes them laugh. She has a standing date for a local "80's Prom" fundraiser where her mama dresses her up as Madonna as "Poppy Don't Preach." She truly looks like a big happy cartoon character.

OFA Hips: Good (prelim)

OFA Elbows: Passed

OFA Patellas: Passed

OFA Heart: Passed

OFA Eye: Clear

DM-SOD1: Clear

EIC-DNM1: Clear

HNP-SUV39H2: Clear



PRA-C2orf71: Clear

RDO - COL9A3: Clear

VWF: Clear

Poppy Dont Preach
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