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Planned Litter

Tilda and Archer


Puppies Expected Early January

Tilda is 13 Pounds
Archer is 20 Pounds

This is a repeat breeding they made such beautiful puppies their last litter.


Tilda is a micro mini at about 13 pounds and has a very straight coat. Archer is a small mini around 20 pounds and has the best laid back temperament and makes the sweetest puppies. This is their second litter and we expect a small litter like their first. We will get dark caramel and red pups as well as possible white partis with red spots. I expect puppies to be 13-20 pounds like the parents with very relaxed fleece coats. Both parents are adored by their families. Their last pairing produced our future hopeful boy Hudson. They made beautiful babies last time! I do plan to possibly try and dual sire the litter with Bowie to see if he is ready. I will update everyone if Bowie was able to honeymoon. 

Past Puppies Together

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