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Duchess ADULT_edited.jpg

WALA 00049247           ALAA 106556

Image by Olga Thelavart

Call Name: Carolina Breeze Duchess Beatrix

Size: Medium 33 lbs.

WALA: 00049247

ALAA: ALAA-106556


Color: Black Parti

Color Genetics: BbEm

Coat: +/+ Curl

S Locus: sp/sp

A Locus: ay/at

K Locus: KB/KB

IC Locus: F/F

D Locus: D/D

Color Intensity: Intermediate

Duchess is one of our medium mamas and she has such a cool pattern! She is black and white and has so many spots! She wasn't born with them though. As she grew up the cute little "freckles" started turning into what we call heavy ticking. I personally love this pattern. She is adored by her mama and human sister and she enjoys her walks. She can make puppies that are like her and she can make caramel and red and brown as well. Her first litter had four people get back on our reservation list for a second pup because their temperaments were so wonderful!

OFA Hips: Good (prelim)

OFA Elbows: Passed

OFA Patellas: Passed

OFA Heart: Passed

OFA Eye: Clear

DM-SOD1: Clear

EIC-DNM1: Clear

HNP-SUV39H2: Clear



PRA-C2orf71: Clear

RDO - COL9A3: Clear

VWF: Clear

HNPK: Carrier

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